TurnKey Suite Ad Costs vs. Industry Avg.

Facebook Ad Performance For Our Account Managers

Facebook ads offer a powerful one-two punch of high-performance and low cost…especially when run by a pro. The account managers of TurnKey Suite routinely outperform almost any other form of advertising. In fact, they routinely achieve a cost per lead below $4 per lead!

Our Recent Ad Performance

Lead Gen Ads
Cost Per Lead


Page Like Ads
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Dynamic Ads
Cost Per Lead


What Do These Numbers Mean?

The whole point of advertising is to reach new clients and acquire new leads. We use standard ad metrics like CPM and CPA to see how well we’ve done that.

CPM = Cost Per Mille

This metric tells us how much it cost on average to show an ad 1000 times. Each time is an ad is shown that’s called an impression. In July 2020, it cost just $9.70 for each thousand impressions. That’s less than a penny an impression!

CPA = Cost Per Action

This metric shows how much it cost on average for each time a user takes a desired action like clicking a link. In July 2020, TurnKey Suite account managers had a CPA of $4.26. That’s over $10 less than the industry average of $16.92!

CPM For Facebook Ads For Real Estate
Cost Per Lead for Real Estate Ads On Facebook

What About Leads?

TurnKey Suite takes full advantage of Facebook’s lead generation ads. These ads can be geared towards both buyers and sellers. While buyer ads tend to be cheaper, seller lead ads run by the TurnKey Suite advertising team still easily outperform the industry averages for costs.

Think That’s Impressive? Check Out Our Dynamic Ads.

Our development team has leveraged our extensive IDX network to create engaging dynamic ads that stretch your ad budget even further. In November 2020, our dynamic ads cost an incredible average of just $1.46 for each lead!

Traditional vs. Dyanamic Lead Ads

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